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Julieta Rada started her career singing at the age of 16. Since then she performed at stages around the world with internationally acclaimed artists such as Fito Paez, Charly García, Hugo Fattoruso, Ruben Rada, Ciro y Los Persas, Illya Kuriaki and the Valderramas, La Vela Puerca, Joss Stone, among others, as well as her own solo project.

She is the youngest daughter of one of the most representative artists in Uruguayan music, Rubén Rada.


She has multiple awards and nominations such as “Best New Artist” in LATIN GRAMMYS (2015). She also won the GARDEL AWARDS two times (the most relevant music award in Argentina) in 2016 in the category of “Best Pop Artist” and in 2019 as “Best Pop Album”. She also won three GRAFFITI AWARDS (the most relevant music awards in Uruguay) in 2013 and 2016 in the categories of “Best female artist” and in 2019 she won “Best Pop album”


In 2012 she won two awards for best songwriter in the categories “Citizen music” and “Jazz fusion”. In 2014 she also won in “Jazz fusion”.

All these awards were given to her by the Uruguayan Ministry of Culture.


In 2012 she releases her first album AFRO-ZEN. That record had three nominations in Graffiti Awards (Uruguay) in 2013, and was awarded in the category of “Best Female Solo Album”. That year she was also nominated to “Best Song of the Year” at the Iris Awards. The record was performed live in Uruguay, Argentina and Spain.


In 2015 she released CORAZÓN DIAMANTE, her second album. In 2019 she released her third album BOSQUE, produced by herself and her brother Matías Rada. Those two records had great success and got multiple nominations and awards, as well.


Her records have had the participation of renowned musicians such as Ruben Rada, Jaime Roos, Hugo Fattoruso, Dante Spinetta, MartÍn Buscaglia, her siblings Lucila and Matias Rada, Nicolás and Martín Ibarburu, Rey Tambor, among many others.


She was recently a vocal coach on the television program "The Voice" (Uruguay)

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